Ask our participants

Every year I hear from my son "ugh do I HAVE to go to hockey camp?".  While he loves hockey, he appreciates his hockey-free summer.  As a parent of a player heading into tryouts in September my answer is always the same, "you should have some ice time under your belt before tryouts, you've been off the ice since April". We recommend RCC camp to all our friends who are considering a hockey camp.  It's a great value for what the kids are receiving.  I love that they get lots of ice time, swim time, yoga and team building exercises over the week.  I think the diversity of the activities gets the kids moving in ways they don't realize are helping them develop their hockey skills.  We are now in our 3rd year with RCC and anticipate continuing!  --Kristen Page-Burns

Our kids had their first year at RCC last summer and it was the best hockey camp experience they've ever had.  Great coaching and a fun atmosphere.  What a hidden gem this camp was!  For sure recommend to others who want their kids ready for the season. - M.S

Ron was a solid guy to deal with, took our kids early, always on top of everything and kids came home exhausted - a sure sign they worked hard!  They loved it.  -Dave

Our philosophy

Kids thrive from structure and learn the most when doing something they love. Confidence-building comes from dedicated leadership and positive reinforcement.  It is our goal for your child to sharpen their hockey skills and optimize physical conditioning while also being conscientous that we are trying to grow a happy child.  It really is about finding balance between the sweat and smiles.  

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